Photos of Pakistani Aviation Disasters

The information below may contain errors, and can very well be inaccurate

1986 Feb 4, PIA B-747-200 AP-AYW landed with main landing gear up. 247 passengers were on board along with 17 crew members. There was no loss of life. One passenger injured.

Reason: Pilots forgot to deploy main landing gears

My Khaloo (Uncle) Naqi Hasan was on board. He was traveling for the first time, therefore he was very nervous to begin with. Flight took off from Karachi, and belly landed at its destination at Islamabad. Human emotions dictated him to evacuate the aircraft immediately when the plane came to a stop after belly landing, but he made way for women & children to evacuate the aircraft first, and he was among the last people to evacuate the aircraft. I consider him a Hero!

1992 September 28, PIA A-300-B4-203 AP-BCP collided with a mountain in Kathmandu, Nepal, while making landing approach. This was due to lack of ILS & other modern equipment, and also somewhat pilot error.

The crew was flying the aircraft on approach at about 1600 feet (1000 meters) lower than planned altitude, when it hit the high ground. The event happened in daylight, and with cloud shrouding the mountains. All 12 crew and 155 passengers were killed.

Photos Courtesy Riaz Chishti

1965 May 20, PIA B-720-040B AP-AMH crashed while landing at Cairo. Photos Courtesy Mr. Ali Reza


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