General Information & Statistics on PIA Pilots - January 2002

Aircraft       Status                  Number

B-747        Captain                64
                  First Officer          59
                  Flight Engineer      70

A-300        Captain                54
                  First Officer          57
                  Flight Engineer      52

A-310        Captain                65
                  First Officer          63

B-737        Captain                58
                  First Officer          59

F-27          Captain                 43
                  First Officer          46

DFO: Captain Bakhtiar Ahmed (B-747 Captain)
Chief Pilot Planning, Scheduling, and Co-ordination: Captain M.A Khan
Chief Pilot Training: Captain Mirza Rafi
Chief Pilot Technical: Captain Parvez Saeed
Chief Pilot Standards Inspections: Captain Zahid Mian
Chief Flight Engineer: Mubeen
Chief Pilot Fleet I: (B-747 & A-300) Captain Shahid Hussain
Chief Pilot Fleet II: (A-310 & B-737) Captain Adnan Haris
Chief Pilot Fleet III: (F-27 & Twin Otter) Captain Jahanzeb Ghazali
Chief Pilot Islamabad base: Captain Intikhab
Chief Pilot Lahore base: Captain Imran Shirazi

The pilots join the airline as F-27 co-pilots and progress to either B-737 or A-310 as co-pilots, continue as co-pilots on to A-300 and finally take command as F-27 Captains. After completion of the desired hours, they go to Jumbos as co-pilots, which eventually makes them Captains on B-737. Then they progress to Captains on A-310, then Captains on A-300, and finally they make Captains on B-747.

All pilots go through regular medical check-ups and emergency refresher courses as per CAA laws. All transitions and refreshers for B-747 and A-300 are done in Karachi where simulators are made available, but A-310 and B-737 simulator training is conducted abroad.

Article credit PIA Humsafar inflight magazine January-February 2002.


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