Photos of Agricultural Flying at the Mustehsan Farms, Lodhran, Pakistan

An agricultural enterprise jointly owned by the Mustehsan family. These pictures were taken when we got our 500 Acre cotton farm sprayed by Askari Aviation company, a venture of the popular Askari group. The aircraft which sprayed this pesticide over the cotton fields was an Austrian made ultra light. As my father was in the United States during the September of year 2000, and I was on my summer break, I was entrusted by my dad to manage this whole activity. I designed the runway which is a 2,000 foot runway located in the North East part of the farm. The runway was prepared in a record time for the ultralight as the pest attack was at the extremes and we had to call Askari Aviation to spray the fields in an emergency as tractors could not spray the large field in a short span. The crop was also tall enough to prevent tractors from entering the field without destroying the cotton plants.

However, using our own water bowser, and five other tractors which were available for me to use, while others were still spraying the fields (in case the ultra light could not reach in time), we worked almost 50 hours in 3 days to convert an ordinary fallow piece of land into an acceptable ultralight capable airfield.


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