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Photos of Pakistani Aviation

Note: For latest photos, please come on the Pakistani Aviation Forum

City of Karachi's Aviation Heritage, Culture & Events

Emirates Airbus A380 model at Clifton, Karachi

Helipads infront of Park Towers, Clifton

Aircraft Engineers of Pakistan Trust office in K.D.A Scheme No.1, Karachi

(PAF) Pakistan Air Force Museum, Karachi

O-1E at Pakistan Army Scorpion's Mess, Drigh Road

Schon Air's C-172 Flight Over Karachi, January 2003

American Bell 407 Helicopter (Experimental) at Karachi Airport, August 2003

Paraplane Flying

Air Shows & Special Events

Photos of Saab 2000, ATR 42, Dash 8 touring Pakistan for PIA's Evaluation

Aviation Exhibition, Navy Museum, Karachi, December 2003

Lahore Walton Air Show, Walton Airport, October 17th-19th 2003

Lahore Walton Air Show, Walton Airport, April 13th-14th 2002

CRM Course (Train the Trainers)

PIA Boeing 777 at Karachi Airport

The People

PIA Pilots Training On ATR-42 Simulator - Toulouse, France

PIA Pilots Captain Ayaz Ahmed & Captain Rizwan Ahmed

PIA's Captains & 2nd batch of Cadit Pilot under training on Fokker F-27-500 - Surabaya, Indonesia

PIA Cadet Pilots, Batch of 2003

People in the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan

Pakistani Pilots

Salman Farooque - Built an Ultralight Aircraft 100% in Pakistan, 1987

Asif Tariq - Maker of the first Pakistani Aircraft

Flight Schools, Flying Clubs & Charter

Flight Instructors Training School (FITS) (Flight School)

Schon Air (Flight School, Flying Club & Charter)

Photos of Schon Air's C-172 Flight

Aircraft Sales & Services Limited (A.S.S.L) (Charter)

Karachi Aero Club (Flight School, Flying Club & Charter)

Raji Flying Club (Bankrupt)(Flight School)

Multan Flying Club (Flight School, Flying Club & Charter)

Lahore Flying Club (Flight School, Flying Club & Charter)

Ultralight & Sports Flying Club (Flying Club)

Pakistan Aviators and Aviation (Flight School, Flying Club & Charter)

Rawalpindi Flying Club (Flight School, Flying Club & Charter)

Peshawar Flying Club (Flight School, Flying Club & Charter)

Corporate Aviation

WAPDA's (Water & Power Development Authority) Aviation Wing (Walton Airport)

JDW Aviation (Walton Airport)

Phoenix Aviation (Walton Airport)

Phoenix Aviation - Project Golden Eagle (Walton Airport)

BP Twin Otter

Aviation Wings of Non-Profit Organizations

Edhi Foundation's Aircrafts

Govt. Aviation Agencies

Aviation Wing of Government of Sindh

Aviation Wing of Sindh Police

Baluchistan Provincial Goverment's Learjet 31

Airworthiness Directorate of the CAA Pakistan

CAA's Super King Air 200 (AP-CAA) Calibration Aircraft

Karachi Tower ATC, Terminal No.1

Department of Plant Protection (Karachi International Airport)

Department of Plant Protection (Walton Airport)

Maritime Security Agency (M.S.A)

Oil & Gas Development Corporation (O.G.D.C)

Pakistani Female Sky Marshalls

Agricultural Flying / Crop Dusting

Photos of Agricultural Flying / Crop Dusting at the Mustehsan Farms, Lodhran, Pakistan


Chota Malir Airfield, Karachi

Karachi International Airport

Karachi International Airport - General Aviation Area

Photos of Karachi Airport during Take-off from 25L Runway

Photos of Landing at Karachi Airport from Karsaz

Islamabad International Airport

Lahore International Airport

Lahore Walton Airport

Sukkur Airport

PIA B-737-300 Landing at Multan Airport

Gilgit Airport

Peshawar Airport


Pearl Air

Star Air Aviation

Aero Asia

Bhoja Air (Bankrupt)

Shaheen Airlines

Royal Airlines (Walton Airport)

Hajvairy Airlines (Bankrupt)

Pakistan International Airlines

Photos of PIA Aircrafts During Flight

PIA Airbus A300-B4's Last Flight

PIA Boeing 747-300's Flight from USA to Karachi

PIA Boeing 737-300 Flight to Khatmandu

Photos of PIA B-747-300 Landing at Karachi airport at Night - July 2003

Photos of PIA B-747-300's Flight from New York to Manchester - July 2003

Photos of PIA B-747-300's Flight from New York to Karachi - December 2002

PIA B-747-300's Domestic Flight from Karachi to Islamabad - August 2002

PIA B-747-300's Domestic & International Flight - August 2002

PIA A-300-B4's Domestic Flight from Karachi to Lahore & Back - August 2002

PIA B-747-300 Landing at Manchester - July 2002

PIA B-747-300 Enroute to Manchester - July 2002


Karachi Airport before Partition

Commercial Aircraft at PAF Mauripur (Masroor) - March 1953

Historical Photos of Pakistani Aviation

Glories of the Past

PIA Fokker F-27-200, Quetta Park Monument

Aviation Accidents

Rawalpindi Flying Club's Aircrafts Damaged by the Thunderstorm. September 23, 2003

Department of Plant Protection's Damaged Cessna A185F AP-AXX at Pishen, Quetta. June 21, 2003

Department of Plant Protection C-185 F AP-AYD Crash Wreakage at Pasheen, Quetta. April 19, 2002

Department of Plant Protection C-185 F AP-AYD Crash Wreakage at Pasheen, Quetta. April 19, 2002

Schon Air PA-34 Piper Seneca III bird strike at Karachi. Jan. 4, 2002

PIA A-300-B4 accident at Dubai. Oct. 17, 2001

PIA B-747-300 evacuated at Manchester Airport. March 12, 2001

Ultralight Crash at Lahore Walton Airport. August 23, 2000

Schon Air C-152 AP-BES (PIA A-300 Jet Blast) Accident. 1996

Other Pakistani Airline Accidents

Military Aviation

Photos of Pakistan Army Aviation, Quetta


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