Photos of Lahore Flying Club

Group photo of LFC pilots with Capt Ather (Chairman of Schon) and Capt MM Haq at LFC Lawns in November 1961. Capt. Shamim (retired) is also in it. Photo was taken by my Capt. Shamim (retired). Capt Ather was in PIA at that time and chairman PPA.
Standing (left to right) 1. Mansoor(retired from PIA), 2. Salim(retired from PIA), 3. Zulfiqar, 4. Iqbal, 5. Amin, 6. Pervez, 7. Salim, 8. Sandila(retired from PIA), 9. Khalid.
Sitting (left to right) 1. Shamim(retired from PIA), 2. Meichel, 3. F.M. Khan(retired from PIA), 4. Rajput (CFI at that time), 5. Capt M.M. Haq(retired from PIA), 6. Capt Ather (Schon's Chairman)(retired from PIA), 7. Sadiq, 8. Muzaffar.
Photo Credit Ahsan Shamim


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