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CAA (Pakistan) Certified Aircraft

Super Mushshak
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Super Mushshak is a variant upgraded version of Super Mushshak fitted with a more powerful 260 HP engine, cockpit air-conditioning, electrical instruments, and electric cum manual elevator and rudder trim. The aircraft has been developed to meet FAR part 23 certification in categories normal, utility and aerobatics. It has a spacious side by side cockpit giving a good view to the pilot (instructor) and co pilot (student) for the effective "watch me" instruction. Super Mushshak meets the requirements of a modern primary training syllabus and is an ideal basic trainer for basic flight training and instrument flying. The aircraft is available for both civilian and military use. This aircraft is available for sale to any private/civilian individual or business.


Super Mushshak's exact price is unknown.

Mushshak Light 5 is Pakistani Rupees 6 million (Rs. 60 Lakhs)

NOTE: The price of Pakistani Rs 6 million is of a version of Mushshak which is called "Mushshak Light 5". This (Mushshak Light 5) aircraft is non-aerobatic and not of military use. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex have introduced this aircraft only for the in-country private sector to generate/help grow the aviation market. Additionally the price is also introductory price for initial few buyers. The Super Mushshak which has vast capabilities, when compared to Mushshak Light 5, is a much costlier aircraft.


Type = Textron Lycoming IO-540 V4A5
Power = 260 HP (at 2700 RPM at ISA conditions)
Cylinder = 06


The aircraft has been qualified with three and two blade propellers from Mccauley and Hartzell of USA.


Time between overhaul (TBO) of engine and propeller is 2000 hours.


Spacious side by side cockpit giving good contact between the pilot and the co-pilot / observer or between the student and the instructor for effective " watch me" instruction.

• Adjustable seats fitted with straps incorporating lockable inertia reels
• Typical avionic equipment configuration includes UHF/VHF radio, GPS, VOR, Transponder and ADF.
• Third crew member can be accommodated in the rear cabin

Training Role

Super Mushshak meets the requirement of a modern primary training syllabus and is an ideal basic trainer. Aircraft is ideal for:

• Basic Flight Training
• Instrument flying
• Aerobatics, stalls and spins
• Night flying
• Navigation flying
• Formation flying

Army Co-operation Missions

Besides primary flying training, the Super Mushshak is also suited for a wide range of army co-operation missions including:

• Forward air control
• Forward area support with droppable supply containers
• Reconnaissance
• Artillery Fire Observation
• Camouflage inspection
• Border patrol
• liaison
• Target flying and target towing for training of ground units

Fuel system

• Based on two integral fuel tanks holding a total of 48 US gallons
• Bendix RSA type fuel injection system
• Houses engine driven fuel pump for normal operation
• Electric fuel pump for emergency conditions.

Flight Control System

• Efficient dual flight controls including conventional stick type control columns and adjustable rudder pedals. Primary control surfaces are operated through a direct mechanical linkage.

Design Criteria

The basic design philosophy behind Mushshak offers an aircraft with:

• Flexibility, covering both Army Co-operation and primary flying training
• Excellent forward and downward visibility supplemented by a good rearward visibility
• Good ground clearance even with bulky under wing stores and high crosswind capability for operation from narrow strips and roads
• Upto 300 Kg/660 lbs external load carrying capability (including pylons).
• Heavy-duty landing gear
• Large baggage compartment in the rear part of the cabin easily accessible through a door on the port side of the fuselage. This space can also accommodate a third crew member
• Good handling characteristics
• Good short/rough field performance
• Fully aerobatic capability, maximum limit load factor +6/-3 in Aerobatics category
• Ease of maintenance and repair even in combat conditions
• 8300 hrs structure life
• Low radar signature

Optional Equipment

The following alternate/optional equipment can also be made available on request:

a. Blind flying screen: There is a provision for installation and removal of blind screen for instrument flying.
b. Sun Blinds: Canopy perspex as well as rear cabin perspex can be provided with adjustable sunblind.
c. Third Seat: Aircraft incorporate fitting for the installation of third seat in the rear portion of the cabin.
d. Advance Avionics: Includes ILS alongwith standard avionics package

Technical Specifications



29 feet


23.5 feet


8 feet 6.5 inch

Wing Area

128 sq. feet


Max. Take off Weight

2645 lb

Max. Landing Weight

2515 lb


Type Textron Lycoming

10 - 540 - V4A5


260 HP


Max. SL Speed

145 kts

Cruise Speed SL

130 kts

TOD (50 feet)

900 feet

LD (50 feet)

970 feet

Rate of Climb

1700 fpm


440 nm


4 : 15 hrs

Load Factor

+6, -3


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